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Annual Christmas in July Packing Party - Saturday, July 14, 2012

Toothpaste, candy, toothbrushes, wet wipes, Girl Scout Cookies, peanuts, writing paper, pens, books, magazines, more Girl Scout cookies, letters, deodorant, razors, sunscreen, shampoo, crackers, soup, chewing gum, beef jerky, slim jims, games, chess, squishy balls, paddle balls, cards, Bibles, water flavor packets, socks, wash cloths, room deodorizers,,, I could go on and on and on with what volunteers used to fill boxes for our military on Saturday at the "Christmas In July" packing party. But the best thing was seeing the smiles go on and on and on.

GREAT JOB to all who came out and worked to fill 259 care packages for the best of the best. Our American Soldiers.

Thank you each and everyone that helped in collecting donations, preparing the items, preparing the bins, taping the boxes, hauling everything to HOPE church, setting up and tearing down, cleaning up, hauling trash, then hauling all the filled boxes back to the HOME office again. I could go on and on again but I won't. LOL. I will however Thank HOPE Church for once again allowing us to invade their gymnasium for a few hours of fun and controlled chaos. I thank each of you that gave your time to come out on a Saturday afternoon. I thank HOME TEAM #1 - BARRIOS Technology Volunteer Team for all you have done to Help Our Military Endure. I thank U of H volunteers for all your help. I thank IAAP for their support and help, I thank my co-workers, family, friends and board members. And let's not forget to thank Santa Clause for showing up in his off season to cheer us on and provide us with a cool treat.

Those two little words "THANK YOU" do not seem like enough but they sure go a long way. And that is exactly where all those boxes you helped to pack on Saturday will go,,, a long way in helping our military. They do not know these boxes are coming. What a great surprise to them when they start rolling into where ever they are addressed, Kosovo, Afghanistan, S. Korea, Japan, Columbia,,, If HOME has an active military address I will be shipping them boxes. If you have an address to an active military person serving non-stateside, send it to me and HOME will send them care packages.

259 boxes of toothpaste, candy, toothbrushes, wet wipes, Girl Scout Cookies, peanuts, writing paper, pens, books, magazines, more Girl Scout cookies, letters, deodorant, ,,,Yeah I could go on. LIFE IS GOOD!

Don't forget HOME ships all year and is always in need of shipping fee donations. Cost is $13.45 per filled box.

Thank you all for your continued support. Pictures will be on the web site soon.

President of HOME-Help Our Military Endure

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